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     HJ Photoelectron is the name you can trust for any kind of optical components like lenses, prisms, filters, reticules, mirrors, beam splitters, wedges etc. for any kind of application. We have been successfully supplying for applications like microscopy, laser range finders, cameras, slit lamps, surgical microscopes and defense applications.
     Best quality, price and lead time are our goals which are directly proportional to customer satisfaction.
     Having a manufacturing facility established in 2000 sq. ft., with highly qualified and experienced manpower, HJ takes any kind of challenges in optical manufacturing per customers needs.
     Our current production capabilities can produce 2 million optical components of different shapes and sizes per annum.
     With growing demand from customers, HJ has become a successful sourcing company for opto-mechancial assemblies like trial lenses, eyepieces, objectives, observation tubes and also sourcing high quality plastic parts, rubber parts, metal castings, aluminum carrying cases, fiber optic cables.
     With a team of multi skilled engineers, HJ is open to source any kind of part for any kind of use.
     With a capability to fit in modern work culture, HJ can be a channel partner for any kind of customer.